High Score Saloon recently had some items stolen. Instead of reacting in anger, they react with compassion.

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High Score Saloon an arcade with beer located on the Downtown Main Street Walkway recently posted they had some items stolen from their patio area. The stuff wasn't much in monetary value, but they are still items they'd like back.

They said judging by the different things the people caught on camera were doing, the bar owners believe the people may be homeless and in need. So they shared  some still captures of the security video and ask that if anyone recognizes these people, they'd like their stuff back, but in return they'd like to help them.

What an awesome way to take a negative and see the light in it.

Unfortunately we had two individuals jump the gate last night, come downstairs and do their best to steal some things. Luckily we keep everything locked up tight as a drum, but they still made away with odds and ends that have no real value but we don’t want to go back out and buy if we don’t have to.

They had bags with them and were hiding from the elements/having a smoke beforehand, so we assume they don’t have a place to call their own.

We aren’t upset.

We have no intentions to press charges.

We get it.

I’ve been hungry. I’ve been hard up and we’ve all made bad decisions. We would just like to talk to them, get our items back and buy them lunch/give them a hand with some dry clothes, quarters, laundry detergent, fresh socks: whatever.

So, do us a favor and share this/help us identify them if you can. Be kind in your responses and in life. You don’t know the situations that drive people to misfortune or misconduct.

High Score Saloon, your compassion is admirable!


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