On the air, you have probably heard me say that TicTok is my happy place. I know some, including my husband, think that when you use it, you are being spied on. And, although there may be some truth to that, right now, it makes me dance, sing, smile, laugh and learn.

One of my favorite part of the video sharing app are the life hacks. Most of the ones I have tried, have worked. I had one big fail with my air fryer and a roll of refrigerated cookie dough. Let’s just say that is you don’t have ALL of. the supplies, like parchment paper, the cookie may not fry up like the video shows. I’m going to try that one again.

A hack that DID work is for those times you run out of foaming hand soap. or even better, would like to save some money. All you need is your empty foaming, hand soap dispenser, you favorite dishwashing soap and water. It’s really that easy.

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Hack


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