After you graduate college and you are waiting for your life to take off, money can be very tight. Student loans and usually no steady income coming in, equals limited options. Sometimes you have to wait and compromise what you are doing and where you live until your dreams start becoming a reality.

When Aleah Hall graduated from college and moved back home, to the Evansville area, she didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on an apartment, but needed a place to stay. So, she saw a pretty cool and affordable opportunity in a friends back yard, and she seized it.

I just moved back into the area. I grew up here but left for college. Moving back I needed a temporary place to stay because I wanted to make sure I was going to stay in the area. This was the cheapest option. The shed was originally owned by a family friend so I asked them if they’d be willing to sell. They were willing, and it all started from there. I started the renovation with my family and it took one month to renovate. Why did I want to tackle it? Everyone wants to be a Joanna Gaines and this was my moment

You talk about resourceful! Not only did she see something super cute in an old, rundown former food tailer, but she got her family to all pitch in and help her with all of the work. This girl is going places.

Take a look at the sweet transformation from concession stand/food trailer to awesome she-shed.

Evansville Woman Turns Old Concession Stand Into Cool She Shed, See The Super Cute Transformation

This is perfect. Aleah named her she-shed, Cotton Cloud Shed. She has since sold the shed but will never forget the she-shed renovation that helped her get on her feet.

Best wished in all you do, Aleah! Thank you for sharing your shed and a little bit of your story with me.

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