The older I get, I can totally relate to this dog, Claire, and the hilarious situation she got herself into.

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Chubby dog probs

Lately, I find it hard to get it up out of a chair. Between the stiffness in my joints and muscles due to my age and the extra weight I carry, also due to my age. Well, that and the fact that I eat whatever I want, sit on my butt all day, and don't work out.

If I sit down on the ground, I ain't getting up either. I feel you, Claire. You, my dear, are my spirit animal.

This is how Claire's owner described what she saw when she heard a struggle outside. LOL

I live on a hobby farm in Kentucky. I had just sat down on my back porch to drink some coffee and I heard this hollering outside. I came out the side door to find “fat girl” also known as Claire stuck in a hole that the golden dug up. I couldn’t resist taking a quick video because her little feet sticking out was so funny. Then Cooper the golden pup teasing her and her going to get him cracked me up. After the quick video, I helped her up, and off she went.



I've watched this video about 50 times. It's like the relationship between me and my taller beautiful sister. I'm the short, chubby Pug and she is the gorgeous, golden, taller dog that has to laugh before she helps me out of the hole she dug, LOL

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