Am I wrong in thinking that Dr. Pepper is one of the most polarizing soft drinks out there? I feel like people either really love or really hate Dr. Pepper - there's no middle ground. I happen to fall in the former group - I love me some Dr. Pepper, and I'm the only one in my house that does. My wife says it tastes like cough syrup (Robitussin to be specific), and I just happen to really enjoy the taste of Robitussin too.

Dr. Pepper is known for being a delicious combination of 23 flavors, but I seriously doubt that one of those flavors is chocolate - until now.

Fantastic Chocolate

The makers of Dr. Pepper recently announced a new, limited-edition product for the most die-hard Pepper fan. As the name suggests, the soda is a combination of Dr. Pepper and chocolate. The timing of this launch correlates with the arrival of football season - you'll even notice little footballs on the can's design.

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There is another reason why the new product is called Fantastic Chocolate - as opposed to just Chocolate Dr. Pepper - and that's because it's only available for true fans of Dr. Pepper. You won't find Fantastic Chocolate in grocery stores or at gas stations - the only way to get your hands on a can is by earning enough Pepper Perks points. You earn those points every time you purchase a Dr. Pepper product. Once you reach a certain level, you can redeem those points to get the exclusive new flavor (while supplies last).

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