There's an old saying that stuff happens except some people use a different word than "stuff". That old saying became reality in Chicago recently when drivers were attacked by their own sewer system.

Here's how the driver described what they witnessed:

My partner and I were driving in the morning during a heavy Chicago storm when we saw the road was obstructed by two spouts of water erupting from the sewer. The increased water pressure from the rain blasted off the manhole covers, one of which was lying on the road nearby. We drove around it.

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My only complaint is that there are no fans above those manhole covers because that would make another saying come true.

The guy that shared the video mentioned this video was captured on June 26, 2021. I looked up the weather that day and the National Weather Service confirmed that was the day when there were some EF0 tornadoes and flash flooding in the Chicago metro area.

It probably was just water spraying from the street. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. As for me, I'd prefer to think that some of my Chicago friends experienced some of their own cr*p interrupting an afternoon drive.

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