You'll be able to enjoy much more than popcorn and movies at Showplace East this Tuesday through May 16th.

Two things that I have missed doing throughout this pandemic have been going to the movies and hanging out at carnivals/fairs.  These are things that we unknowingly took for granted and didn't realize how much we really loved them until they were gone. Now, things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Theaters are opening up with new movies coming out, and some carnivals are scheduled to go on as planned this year.

Lucky for us in the Evansville area, we will have the opportunity to enjoy both movies and a carnival at the same place this week. Beginning Tuesday, May 11th through Sunday, May 16th there will be carnival rides at Showplace East on Morgan Avenue in Evansville.

Along with rides, there will also be food trucks on-site as well this Thursday and next Thursday. This is a part of the weekly Food Truck Gathering Showplace East along Green River Road that occurs at 4:30 p.m. until they run out of food.

Hopefully, the weather will co-operate with the food trucks and carnival rides. But in the event that it does rain, you could always go inside Showplace East, grab a drink and some popcorn, watch a movie, and hopefully by the time the movie is over the rain will be out of the area, and you can ride some rides!

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Details on how much rides will cost are not available at this time, so be sure to follow Showplace Cinemas on Facebook to stay up to date with what's going on with the carnival rides, food trucks, and of course movie news.

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