In yet another positive sign we're getting closer and closer to putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, Indiana State Fair organizers announced today (Tuesday, May 4th, 2021) the Fair will return for the 2021 summer.

According to the announcement on the Fair's website, the event will run for three weeks (18 days total), kicking off July 30th and ending on August 22nd. The theme of this year's Fair will be Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit and is expected to feature everything that makes the Fair great. Carnival rides and food (can you say, "deep-fried everything on a stick?"), 4-H competitions, free entertainment, and more.

On the subject of entertainment, the Fair has always brought in premiere talent from a variety of different genres for concerts. Previous artists putting on shows during the Fair include Reba, Dierks Bentley, and Carrie Underwood. They even managed to book The Beatles for the 1964 edition. Who will perform this year is yet to be determined.

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One difference to this year's event will be the addition of an extra weekend on the front end of the schedule (July 30th through August 1st) and the closure of the Fair on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the scheduled duration.

At this point, it's unclear what else will be different about this year's event, specifically what health and safety regulations will need to be in place at that time to ensure everyone who attends can do so safely. In this morning's announcement, Indiana State Fair Commission Executive Director Cindy Hoye said they are working closely with the State Health Department as planning moves forward to make sure that happens. Whatever regulations will be needed, if any, will be announced closer to the start of the event.

Tickets and parking passes for this year's Fair will be available starting in June and can be purchased online through the Fair's website.

[Source: Indiana State Fair Press Release]

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