Many are worried about Halloween this year because COVID has changed a lot for us.  While Indiana is now in stage 5 of reopening, CDC guidelines are suggesting no door to door trick or treating.  We've seen a lot of people get creative by creating Halloween themed candy chutes so people can stay 6 feet apart while giving candy to trick or treaters, but this guy took it to the next level.

This YouTube video went viral for a candy zipline complete with beer holder. The zipline goes from the porch to the sidewalk so trick or treaters never have to step foot on the yard.  The guy who created it, puts candy in the basket and there's room for two cans of beer so parents of trick or treaters can enjoy a cold one.   2020 has definitely been a weird year, but seeing people come up with creative solutions has been one of my favorite parts of this year. There's no denying the human spirit is a creative one!

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Tri-State Risk Levels and Activities For Halloween 2020


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