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You have probably heard of Andy Imlay, he’s the comedian in a wheelchair and he performs shows all over the Midwest. Andy Imlay and his wife Megan are the number 1 Superman fans in the Tri-State. We’ve even had him on the show, challenging Bobby to Superman trivia, and you can guess who won.

On September 9, 2020, their daughter was born very prematurely at 27 weeks and 6 days, and weighed only 1.94 pounds. Little Diana, named after Wonder Woman, is proving to be a warrior, just like her name suggests.

Andy’s friend, Kurt Messick happens to know ‘Superman’ Dean Cain, and he told Dean about Andy and his family. The Man of Steel sent Andy, Megan & Diana a video message. Here is part of the message:

"Andy and Megan, it's Dean Cain, How are you? I know you guys just a daughter, Diana Christine...Diana...Hmm, like Diana Prince? She's premature, so she's a premi, but I hear she's a fighter; Just like you, Andy and Megan - All of you. So, here's a big shout out to you, Andy, Megan and your daughter Diana Christine. God bless you guys. Keep fighting. It's all we can ever do in this life. It's wonderful that you guys sound each other. I appreciate your love of superheroes, and the way you're living like superheroes in real life. Bless you guys. Be well. God bless you, Diana Christine, keep fighting."

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