Boonville, Indiana got a little bit of love last night on "The Resident," did you catch it?

If you watch the episode from October 1st, toward the beginning, you will see Randolph Bell, played by Bruce Greenwood, driving along on some back country road. Then, all of the sudden, he drives by a big sign that says "Welcome to Boonville, Indiana". Bell went to meet up with Siamese Twins to talk about surgery to split them up...that sounds like a very Boonville thing.

A friend of mine shared this with me. Check out the video below:


Now, if you know anything about Boonville, you know that the sign featured above is nowhere to be found in town. Furthermore, the star on the state of Indiana on the sign is too far north to be Boonville. Either way, there is only ONE Boonville, Indiana, so it was good to see it get recognized on the show.

I'm assuming that a writer, producer, director, or someone from the team has to either be from Boonville or familiar with it. Boonville is too random of a town to just select as a setting for a TV show. I'm going to have to do a little digging to see if I can't find out why Boonville was chosen as a town featured on the show.

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