Lots of folks love brunch!  Couples, singles, families, stay-at-home moms, and moms that work outside the home love the idea of going out together for a late breakfast/lunch.

A growing number of moms, like my daughter, Jaclyn, who has two children under the age of three, loves going out for brunch with the girls when she gets the chance.  So, does my other daughter, Ashley, who has a very active 4 yr. old and works full-time at Gibson General Hospital.

Going out for brunch gives them a chance to escape from the kids for little while.   And, you can guess what happens when a bunch of mom’s get together - they like talking about their kids, their frustrations, sharing pics and videos of the kids, and more!

Check out some of these brunch places I found in the Tri State area (for anyone), but, especially for mom’s who need some time to be with the girls.

Of course, if I missed any brunch places that you enjoy, please let us know!

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Source:  Trip Advisor

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