Just about everyone has heard of the infamous UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. But, did you know there was allegedly a UFO crash six years before that in Missouri? A book claims that crash is true.

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Kudos to KFVS for the catch on this one. They shared a story about Paul Blake Smith who wrote a book entitled "MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell".

Paul Blake Smith, Amazon
Paul Blake Smith, Amazon

Here's the synopsis of Paul's book from the Amazon listing:

Did three extraterrestrials really crash-land their circular spaceship on a farm just outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in mid-April of 1941? Was this stunning recovery then taken to a secret hiding place beneath perhaps the most recognizable building in the world? Was an aspect of the scientifically examined alien craft’s propulsion system applied to the U.S. nuclear weapons program to help win World War II?

According to the KFVS report and interview with Paul Blake Smith, the claim of a 1941 UFO crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri is connected to the granddaughter of a pastor who was brought to the crash scene to pray for the victims.

If you think this is just the wild imagination of a young girl, consider this. KFVS contacted the Air Force about the claim and were given a terse "We were unable to identify records responsive to your request" response. Wow. Care to elaborate just a little more maybe?

This is how conspiracy theories start and thrive. Government remains tight-lipped and others are left to try and fill in the blanks.

I think there's some fire where there is some smoke in this Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO crash theory. If you're interested, Paul Blake Smith's book is also available through the Kindle app. I'm guessing this would make for a very entertaining read/listen.

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