What would you do if you were out in the middle of the woods and suddenly you heard a scream that sent chills down your spine? That happened to a man in southeastern Missouri recently and the bloodcurdling screams aren't the scariest part of his story of what's been happening in the woods near him.

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This man's name is Michael. He was interviewed by a Missouri YouTube channel with the following description:

In this video, I interview Michael from southeast Missouri! He has had a fairly close encounter with a Bigfoot creature. Michael describes the blood-curdling screams from the back of his property to 300lb hogs going missing, rock clacking, and more!

I understand if the idea of Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Mo-Mo makes you laugh, but this man has had some serious things happen to him including 300 pound hogs that just disappear.

His first encounter with a creature happened on a gravel road where he was about 75 yards from a beast that he described as looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars. Michael's property is near a location close to the Current River where a hunter went missing recently. Could be completely not associated with the strange activity on his property, but huge hogs that have gone missing only add to the mystery of what's going on here.

If you have the time, I recommend watching the full interview as the man's eyewitness testimony is compelling. I have no idea if he really saw anything paranormal, but I do believe that he's telling what he believes to be the truth.

Something strange is certainly going on in his part of the Missouri backcountry.

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