A Missouri woman just shared a strange story of what happened when she took her dog for a walk a few nights ago. She saw two lights in the sky that seemed to be chasing each other. She thought it might be shooting stars until both turned at an extreme angle.

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This odd tale was just reported to the National UFO Reporting Center that happened during the early morning hours of September 4 in Spokane, Missouri. Here are the exact words the woman from Spokane shared of what she saw that night:

I was walking my dog down the street before going to bed. When I was just past the neighbor’s house, I noticed a dot of light that I initially thought was a shooting star. It was fairly high up, though lower than some planes, and it was moving extremely quickly parallel to the street at a slight downward angle. It disappeared after 1-2 seconds, and like I said, I thought it was a shooting star. But then 1-2 seconds later, two lights that looked the same as the first (perhaps one was the same) appeared following the same trajectory at the same altitude. They were moving extremely fast like shooting stars, but it looked as though one was chasing the other. It was close behind the other at an angle. What scared me was when they turned right.

She continued her story which included going to her home and bringing her mother back to see if they were still visible:

Keeping the same speed, they turned right in about a 130 degree turn (100-150 degrees), one closely following the other. Then they disappeared. They had been visible for 2-3 seconds. Then one appeared around the place they disappeared and darted away from me at around a 50-60 degree angle. It looked as though it was headed downward at a steeper angle than the ones before. It was a bit bigger and brighter, and it disappeared after 1-2 seconds. At this point, I had shivers in my chest and going down my spine, and I was fairly spooked...I turned and ran with my dog back down the street towards my house.. After that, they disappeared, and I ran inside. I did not see them again, even when my mother and I went out to look a minute or two later.

I find her testimony very interesting for several reasons. First, there are obviously no known aircraft that can make the quick maneuvers she witnessed. I also think the details she provided don't seem like a story someone would fabricate. It's easy to say "I saw a UFO in the sky and it moved fast and I was scared". The fact that she documented very specific movement angles doesn't sound made up to me. The fact that she reported this almost as soon as she saw it is important since she's recalling images that are fresh in her memory.

Did she witness 2 UFO's chasing each other? Obviously there's no way to prove it. I do wish she had captured video, but that also makes me think she's telling the truth. Who thinks of grabbing a phone to record video when you're taking your dog out for a midnight walk? I wouldn't and I think the fact that she didn't makes her story even more believable. The bigger question is what the intention of those objects were in the skies over Spokane, Missouri.

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