It's one thing to see a strange object in the sky. It's yet another to have that experience cause you to lose track of time. That's exactly what happened to someone in Illinois based on an official report.

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The National UFO Reporting Center shared a harrowing eyewitness report from an encounter on June 18 at approximately 6pm. Here are the exact words of the witness as reported:

I saw three very bright dots in the sky in the shape of a triangle hovering. A 4th dot appeared and they started rotating into a circle

I was driving on i-80 east with a co-worker nearing Ottawa IL, when I saw three bright white dots in the sky. They were in a formation of a perfect triangle. At first I thought it might be planes but they remained apparently motionless as we kept driving.

I asked my coworker what he thought they were and he had noticed them before I pointed them out. He couldn't give any guesses and tried to take a picture but his phone camera is not very good.

After driving and watching for a few minutes, we noticed a 4th bright white light appear, the triangle broke pattern into more of a circle or oval then started rotating. This was the first I seen any of the dots move at all.

This whole time I wasn't paying attention to exit signs and almost missed my exit at Ottawa. I got over and got off but when I looked back up they were gone. I wish I wasn't driving because my phone may have been able to capture something of it.

I believe cars around us saw it as well, because when I looked at my speedometer before I got off the highway we were all going 15 under the speed limit.

The weirdest part and I wasn't going to mention at first was I thought we were another 25 minutes away from Ottawa and when I looked up we were almost passed it, time went by super fast. And a kind of dark vision in my eyes from staring at those lights, kind of like getting a direct glimpse of the sun makes the background darker.

In the past reports like this would have been dismissed as a fabricated story from a vivid imagination. Now that the government has officially acknowledged the existence of UFO's, more attention is now being paid to these reports.

A sudden loss of time was the storyline behind The Mothman Prophecies movie. Time forgotten or unaccounted for are what many believe is a sign of alien abduction.

This account in Illinois is more detailed than most with a description of objects that don't move in a conventional way. Considering their experience of lost time, it makes it a compelling episode that should be investigated further.

It begs the question of what exactly was messing with this person who made the report and what was their agenda? The truth is out there.

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