We do a lot of cooking at our house. Unless one of our kids has a basketball game or some other extracurricular activity going on in the evening, we cook a meal nearly every night of the week. Since we decided to get more into cooking over the years, my skills in the kitchen have improved quite a bit. But, there's one thing I've never been able to get right, and that is a standard omelet.

Everything starts off easy enough. I mix a couple of eggs with some milk or cream, veggies, meat, and cheese in a bowl, then pour the whole thing into a skillet lightly coated with cooking spray. So far, so good, right? Right. But, that's where the easy part ends and my issues begin.

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In my mind, I picture a perfectly folded, golden, fluffy, yellow, restaurant-quality omelet sitting on a plate looking almost too pretty to eat. What I end up with is essentially a bowl of scrambled eggs with meat, cheese, and veggies. Every time I try to fold the omelet over, it breaks apart, no matter how gentle I try to be. So over the weekend, I tried something different. I tried making one in my air fryer.

My Attempt at an Air Fryer Omelet

I do have a theory on this failed again. It's possible I'm making it too thick. I'm thinking if I either cut it down to one egg, or mix in less ingredients, that will make it more like a sheet of paper opposed to a wool blanket. Or maybe I just suck at making omelets. It could really go either way, honestly.

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