A high school in Wisconsin wants to make sure nothing "naughty" happens at their school dances, so they have banned to way you BEND on the dance floor...huh? SG

Cue Kevin Bacon pulling up in his VW Bug blasting Quiet Riot, this is a scene out of the movie Footloose...coming to life. To make sure there's no hanky-panky going on, the "adults" at Union Grove High School in Wisconsin, has banned what they call "sexual bending" while on the dance floor.

Ivan Sedlak

While some "dancing" doesn't exactly look like dancing, the verbiage used to break down what you can and can't do at this school's dances is so hilarious. I can see the principal in his highwater pants shaking his Bible at the students, "stop that inappropriate dancing right now BY GOD!"

Young people dancing on a bar counter with bartender looking on


Dance Policies and Procedures SG:

"While dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright, no sexual bending is allowed."

The descriptions continue...

"No hands on knees, no hands on the dance floor...and your buttocks touching your dance partner, there will be no touching or your partners breasts, buttocks or genitals."

Can you image your high school principal saying that to you with a straight face? That is SOOOO descriptive. Thanks for the visuals there, teach.

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

The school went on to mention that the dance was going to be VIDEO TAPED, and the tape might be reviewed...OK, now that's a TAD overboard, don't you think? What are the odds that one of those teachers took the video home to "review?" Yep, exactly.


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