It's been years since my parents have purchased a real tree for Christmas. I would say about the time I was in 6th grade, maybe middle school, a fake tree became the norm. However, my sister and her family have been known to buy a real tree, they plan to this year. I'm going to have to relay this watering tip to them, one I had no idea existed. 

I stumbled upon this tip that a friend of mine shared on Facebook. And it's a gamechanger.

When you water your tree, which you have to do every day since a freshly-cut tree can absorb a gallon of water in 24 hours, boil the water first.

Before you go pouring boiling water into the base, let it sit for five minutes. The idea is the sap won't get hard and the water can go up the bark thus keeping it fresh and it won't dry out. Cold water clogs the openings with sap and your tree will die quicker.

HERE are some more Christmas Tree 101 tips and if you have one let us know.

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