Indiana is home to a town where it's Christmas 24/7/365, and now you can enjoy a locally brewed cold one while visiting Santa Claus, Indiana.

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Santa Claus, Indiana is known for its quaint Christmas feel, and of course Holiday World! One thing it isn't known for is its locally brewed beers, but that's about to change!



A Brewery is in the works!

On Facebook Santa Claus Brewing Co made the following announcement:

Update: Our lease with the Legion is signed. Interior updates have begun and our alcohol permit from the state is set for a mid-April hearing. Early May grand opening is our goal. Craft beer, burgers, pizza, wings, steaks, chops. While the Legion post will retain a meeting room upstairs, the brewery is updating the remainder of the building. We will be painting the building’s exterior, cleaning the stone trim and applying for great new signage. Follow us for more updates.

It looks like soon we can go to Santa Claus and enjoy some delicious food, and a locally brewed pint of beer too!

Camping at Lake Rudolph just got more fun!


One of my family's favorite traditions is camping at Lake Rudolph. Every October we got for a weekend and it is a  blast! Plus it is the perfect excuse to sit around a bonfire with your favorite people all weekend.  There's something about a crisp fall night, a cold beer, and a bonfire.  It will be really cool to get a growler fill at a brewery that's right down the road!

It'll also be cool to stop in for lunch before we head back to Evansville after a fun-filled weekend of camping!

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