It's not enough to put a sign in your yard, you actually need to VOTE.

A lot of people don't consider the Primary Election to be very important. But, when there are important races, like Mayor, going on it it very important to have your voice be heard.

Take my hometown of Princeton, IN for example; There are seven people running for the the chance to be the Mayor...Seven! The field will be narrowed to two, that will face off in November. There are so many reasons to vote in the Primary, but here are 5:

1. Fewer voters make your vote carry more weight.

2. Sometimes, there are measures that are placed to a vote, only on the Primary ballot.

3. You really can't complain about the outcome, if you don't vote.

4. The Primary allows you to have a say in which candidate each party backs.

5. It's your public duty, and yes, even 1 vote can make a difference.

The Indiana Primary is Tuesday, May 7 2019, but early and absentee voting is happening now.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Polls?

This is very important! Make sure you bring a valid government ID. There are some fine print details to keep in mind: Check your expiration date. If it's current or has expired since the last general election, you're good to go.

What if My Name or Address is Different on My ID?

Should any of the above listed fail-safes to vote a regular ballot not apply to you, then you may vote by provisional ballot.


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