The Chicago Bears aren't exactly a team known for decades of great wide receivers. Willie Gault was fun to watch during the 1985 Super Bowl season, Allen Robinson is terrific but never used correctly, and then there's this guy...Mike Pantazis. No jersey number, no stats to read off for you, just a killer ponytail and enough alcohol in him to do this.

Dan Hampton
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Mike Pantazis is a Chicago Bears fan that is proud of his high school football glory days. In this post catch interview, he informed a REAL receiver Lynn Swann that he goes both ways...I mean offense and defense. You knew what I meant, right?

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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So the set up for the greatest Chicago Bears catch, ever...

October 9th, 1995

Soldier Field

Bears vs Packers

The power of the mullet and Miller Lite, is amazing! As this kick sails through the uprights...Mike Pantazis saw his chance at fame on Monday Night Football. Mike leaped from his seat, into the open tunnel at Soldier Field and man did Mike time this perfectly. BOOM, catch.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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What about the height of this leap, and the eventual fall to the concrete? This did not phase Mike one bit. I can hear my ankles snapping as I imagine myself doing this. Also my back, hips, probably my head hitting the ground too.

Now DO NOT forget, he played high school football...the power of the Friday Night Lights carried this catch all the way to the ground without dropping it.


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