We have had so much fun seeing everyone's Git Up United Challenge videos, and doing one of our own! Why are we ok being total goofs for all of Facebook to see? Well, it's for a good cause, The United Way:

Over the past couple of months, The Git Up Challenge has become a national phenomenon.  Now it’s time to bring this fun video dance challenge to Southwestern Indiana, where community leaders, businesses and organizations can bring their own kind of style to the dance while showing support for United Way.

Git Up UNITED Challenge videos will kick off on Facebook on August 26th.   The video that receives the most likes and shares from August 26th through September 10th will be recognized at United Way’s 26th Annual Day of Caring breakfast at Bosse Field on September 13th.  In addition, a gift of $1,000 will be donated to United Way from Deaconess in honor of the Git Up UNITED Challenge winner.

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