Our family loves to camp. We love camping so much, we are getting a camper. Yep, we are making a real commitment to camping. With the amount of money we are spending on our new camper, we HAVE to use it. There is no breaking up and changing our mind. We have decided that camping is our one true love.

My husband is picking the camper up this weekend. I'm so excited, I've already spent way too much time, and money, on Amazon and Walmart.com decorating and getting supplies for the camper. Right now, I'm searching for everything camping and camper related. While shopping, I came across the absolutely cutest camping accessory yet, the kid-size, battery powered, Power Wheels, Barbie Dream Camper.

This ride on camper, is everything that a Barbie size, Barbie Dream Camper is and more. It is priced at $398 and for and all it has to offer, it seems totally worth it. I can totally see my granddaughter riding this around the campground. She will even be able to make friends and invite them to ride too. Take a look at how awesome toy is thanks to Power Wheels. Makes me wish I was  kid again.

Amazing and Fun Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper

Walmart is having a hard time keeping them on the toy shelves or on the website. Hopefully, I can get one for my sweet Norah for Christmas. Then my camping/camper shopping will be complete. Maybe. :-)

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