We here in the Tri-State certainly know what it's like to have a force of nature rip through our community and leave behind a path of destruction that takes months, if not years to rebuild. For us, that's usually in the form of tornadoes or flooding. For those out west, it's wildfires like the one currently raging across parts of California which is leaving behind images that look like everything from the set of a movie about life after the apocalypse to hell on Earth. As I've watched the news coverage of the fires over the past few weeks, I've been, for lack of a better term, fascinated by the images being shown. I find them to be so surreal. So many of them, specifically those from the areas where the fires have been put out, remind me of a video game I recently finished called The Last of Us Part II. The plot, ironically, centers around life after a global pandemic which has turned some people into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures. That's not the part that reminds of what I'm see coming out of California, but the landscape you travel across as you play out the story does. Abandoned cars litter the streets, buildings abandoned and falling apart, city streets eerily quiet, a total dystopian future if you will. Of course, that's all fiction, created for the sole purpose of the game, but similarities between those visuals and the reality of those from California are eerily similar. Take a look at few of the incredible photos below, all courtesy of Getty Images. And, if you'd like to help those in California get back on their feet, consider a donation to the American Red Cross, or the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund.

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Photos From California Wildfires Look Like Post-Apocalyptic Movie

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