I guess you could say this is taking a negative and turning it into a positive?  First off, the Coronavirus is no laughing matter.  However, people are finding ways to not only entertain themselves but others as well while all this is still happening.

So, thanks to TikTok, a couple of roommates have used their Covid-19 diagnosis to bring some smiles to others.  Shannon Rocke and her roommate both tested positive for COVID and both had a common side-effect.  They lost their sense of taste and smell!  How did they choose to cope with this?  They started filming themselves eating nasty food items for kicks and giggle.  They drank hot sauce, balsamic vinegar and ate minced garlic.  I mean I guess if you can’t taste anything that’s the harm of doing a shot of hot sauce?

The videos of the duo tasting all these things are pretty funny.  There is even an instance of one of the girls mistaking heavy cream for crunchy peanut butter.  Not sure how those two really come close to being the same but I guess if your senses are all jacked up, pretty much anything is possible.  They also said it made drinking alcohol a lot easier.  For college-aged kids, that probably comes in handy.  Talk about straight no chaser.

I do really appreciate the creativity that has sparked from people having to stay home during this time.  I mean why else would anyone want to take a shot of vinegar for the heck of it?  I’m cringing just thinking about but I will totally watch someone else do it.  Especially if they can just throw it back like a boss.

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