We know, as women we can be extra critical of ourselves. We know we do it and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I was raised with loads of love and praise, but when I look in the mirror, get on social media, stand in line looking at magazine covers, or watching my favorite TV shows and movies, I start hating on myself. I become weak and turn on the one person I should love the most.

As women, we need to stand tall, be confident, and love ourselves, first. We spend our time making others feel better, while we neglect to take care of our own physical and emotional needs. It;'s like we beat each other up, because somehow that is all we think we deserve.

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As a young woman, I wish I would have known how to be kinder to myself. How to treat myself with support and true love. IIf I had, it would have made life a lot happier and easier for me.

Here are four things women need to stop doing now.

  1. Stop not accepting compliments. When someone tells you that you're amazing, beautiful, smart, talented; say thank you. If they said it, they probably mean it. Even if they didn't mean it, who cares, they said it.  Take it and run with it. Learn how to take a compliment.  Whatever compliment you are given, take it and soak it in and breath it deep. Let it feed your soul with positive vibes. Relax into it, rather than tensing up and doubting your worth. You deserve every compliment you are given. Smile and bask in the positive light.
  2. Stop hating things about yourself that other women would give anything to have. Stretch marks and extra baby weight are wonderful to women who are unable to have their own children. If you have lines and wrinkles on your face, that only means that you have really lived. Be thankful that you are alive and feeling your life. Take pride in the scars and glory in your unique marks. They show a life that has been lived.
  3.  Stop comparing yourself to others. You don't have to be anything other than exactly who you are. Stop looking at other women and comparing your life, or your looks to theirs. You are human and so are the others you are comparing yourself to.  We are all dealing with stuff. Social media makes it all look like life is perfect for others, but it's no more perfect than your life. We all live with ups and downs, victories and defeats. Love the life you have or change it for the good. If you can make it better do it. But, change it because you want to, not because you want to be like someone else. Have gratitude for the wonderful things you do have, don't dwell on the things you don't.
  4. Stop holding on to the past. Life is a series of events that either leave you feeling happy or leave you feeling angry and sad. Oftentimes, the worst moments are caused by ain caused by another. To move beyond the pain and sorrow, you must forgive your wrongdoer. Otherwise, the only one you are hurting is yourself. The one that hurt you done;t care if you hold a grudge or are still in pain to they never would have hurt you, to begin with. The step to true happiness is letting go of resentment. WHether against yourself or someone else. Let go and live happily. Life is too short not to.

Remember, no matter what life throws at you, no matter how bad it is, you are a woman. That, in itself, makes you a badass. Start showing it. Start loving yourself, today.

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