School busses carry our babies to and from school everyday, yes they are babies even in middle school. It's a scary thought, but there are people who still do not stop for busses. Going around a stop arm could be a deadly decision. So, this week the Evansville Police Department has specific patrols aimed to keep our students on the school busses safe. As bad as it would be to get a ticket or go to jail, our friend Jon Jon Greene's 'Stink eye' might be a little scarier!

Jon Jon Greene is the school bus driver of bus 55 for the North Gibson School Corporation.

The fourth Tuesday of April is School Bus Drivers’ Day, oh which just happens to be today. We want to wish all of the drivers a great day, and thank you for keeping our Precious Cargo safe!

Starting Monday, April 26 and ending on Friday, May 14, the Evansville Police Department will be participating in the S.A.V.E. (Stop Arm Violation Enforcement) grant.
This grant is funded by ICJI (Indiana Criminal Justice Institute). Officers participating in this grant will be following school busses to enforce stop-arm violators. Officers working this grant will also enforce school zone traffic violations in addition stop arm violators.
Officers will be assigned to different school bus routes to ensure school bus safety for children while boarding and exiting school busses.

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