It's not even Halloween time and apparently "ghosts" are causing bodily harm north of the border. SG

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Michael West, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin had a horrible reason/excuse/thick layer of BS when cops asked what the hell happened to his wife. This tool said that the bodily harm caused to his wife, was the work of a GHOST.

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The victim in this situation told officers that this piece of garbage choked and strangled her twice...and when she attempted to call 911 he punched her.

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Cops show up at the house and there is the victim, bleeding and crying. Of course Michael was questioned and he told officers that she fell, several times. When officers knew that he was full of crap, and questioned harder...things got weird.


Dude was pressed, he was nervous and knew he was busted. So he said this:

“A ghost did it.”

That was his answer, his response...A ghost did it. What I'd like to hear about a ghost doing to him...

Wanna guess how long it took the cops to dismiss that and cuff the chump? Like 2.2 seconds. A scuffle happened, there was a resisting of arrest and Michael was taken down.

Michael was arrested and held on $1000 bond. Hopefully this alone time with some violent ghosts in jail will be good for him! Time to sober up, think about his terrible choices, and hopefully see some ghosts of his own...

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