You may remember back in November, people were puzzled to see the St. Joe Taco Johns being torn down.  Was it closing?  Nope it was just going through a major makeover. A post from Evansville 411 confirmed the news. They said Taco Johns wasn't closing, but undergoing a transformation.  The old building has been torn down, but the plan was to rebuild a new Taco Johns.  Here's what the post from Evansville 411 said:

Did you miss us? We are back with Evansville Development news!
#EvansvilleDevelopment: Taco John’s on Evansville’s west side has been torn down at 604 N St Joseph Ave. According to the Evansville Area Plan Commission, the building is simply being replaced. No word on timeline yet.
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Well now we have word on when they're reopening! According to Taco Johns official Facebook page, the newly remodeled building on St. Joe will be open on February 22nd, but that's not even the best part! The first 100 customers will receive a golden ticket, and what this golden ticket does, is quite amazing.  You can use the golden ticket for the entire year, and enjoy FREE potato olés for a year! You can redeem the golden ticket for one small free potato olés per week for the next year.  That's 52 orders of potato olés you can enjoy for free.

Have you ever had potato olés?  They are delicious! And let me tell you the secret to leveling up your taco at Taco Johns.  Get a regular soft shell taco, and order of potato olés with a side of nacho cheese.  Then open the taco and pour a little nacho cheese on it, and line it with potato olés.  Let me tell you, about leveled up taco experience. Then enjoy the leftover potato olés because, duh.

Taco John's Evansville at St. Joe Ave is opening February 22nd!

First 100 customers get a Golden Ticket good for FREE Small Potato Olés® for a year*

#TacoJohnsEvansville #FreeOles

*Limit 1 per week

Posted by Taco John's on Thursday, February 18, 2021


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