Allow us to introduce you to this week's Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society!

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The VHS recently received a $25,000 grant from Best Friends Animal Society allowing us to expand our foster care program. This will be announced publicly today. We have hired a new full-time Foster Care Coordinator just in time to start kitten season in spring, and we are committing to transferring in at least 250 additional cats & kittens from Evansville Animal Care & Control in 2021. This full-time staff person will allow us to recruit more foster families, provide them with more ongoing support to retain them, and increase the number of lives saved (particularly tiny little kitten lives) through foster care!

Be sure to follow VHS on TikTok @vhslifesaver to see funny animal videos and behind-the-scenes details on what sheltering really looks like! The clinic behind-the-scenes TikTok is up to more than 700,000 VIEWS!

VHS announces new texting campaign: Do you... give a crap about animals? 💩 If so, text the word Poop to 26989 to help them continue shoveling you-know-what into 2021! You can even set up a monthly donation or sign up for round-ups, donating spare change from all your credit or debit card purchases!

Wanna watch cats playing LIVE 24/7 (if they’re not sleeping) on their new Petcube Play in the Cageless Cat Lounge and at the River Kitty Cat Cafe. Download the free Petcube app, create an account, and find “VHS Cat Lounge.” The camera runs all the time and if you turn your phone to landscape, you can control the built-in laser pointer and play with the kittens!!


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