We were joined by a handful of return guests on this week's program. In our first segment we talk with EPD Chief Billy Bolin and PIO Jason Cullem. In the second segment we catch up with Lynn Miller Pease from Leadership Evansville.

Chief Bolin and Officer Cullem (pictured above) came on to talk about public safety and what you can do to help. The number of reports of shots fired has increased since this time last year. Why the increase...what can you do about it? These questions are addressed, and we also get an update on The Guardian vehicle and how it's being utilized.

Billy Bolin/Jason Cullem interview

(Lynn Miller Pease/Facebook)
(Lynn Miller Pease/Facebook)

Lynn Miller Pease is the Executive Director of Leadership Evansville. She has been on the show in the past to talk about the popular Evansville VOICE visioning sessions. Now that those sessions are done, what's next? BAM is what's next. What is BAM, and what does that really mean? I guess you'll need to listen to find out.

Lynn Miller Pease interview

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