When you wake up in our part of America, you never know what you might wake up to. One Midwestern family heard a ruckus in front of their house and realized two big white-tail bucks were  in a mortal battle over a doe.

I'll allow the family the chance to provide their own play-by-play of what went down:

This is the front yard of our home that backs up to a large nature preserve. There are deer everywhere, and feel safe to roam as there is no rifle hunting allowed in this area. There have been 8+ does in our front yard a day since the end of October and many bucks. Thirty minutes before I caught this on camera, the smaller buck was chasing around 6 does in my front yard. Then this fight began in my driveway and ended with the larger buck winning, injuring the smaller buck as you can tell from him limping near the end and then them both running off into the woods.

2 bucks enter, but only 1 can leave the victor. In this case, it was the larger buck who made sure the younger one knows his place and leaves the deer ladies alone that are a part of his group. From what I can tell, this happened in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Well, little buck, we can't all be winners. Your day will come eventually. Unfortunately, that's not today though.

Since this is the middle of the white-tail rutting season, this type of sight will be more and more common. An interesting note is Wikipedia shows that the average peak day for the rut is November 13 which is very close to now.

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