Little kids love to cook. They pretend to cook in their play kitchens and they want to help out whenever someone is cooking in the real kitchen.

It's so cute, but it can also be a little chaotic.

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My kids never really liked to help me cook. They were too busy doing other things. In fact, when I think about it, they didn;t really like to eat my cooking either.

I'm not the best cook. You add a toddler to the mix and anything could happen. My granddaughter loves to help, but like me she's independent and thinks she knows what she;s doing in all situations, but she doesn't. She's a good listener and follows directions well. But, she's good at giving direction, too.

I love how patient this toddler's mom, from Hammond, Indiana, is with her helpful little girl. You can tell that she has helped mommy in the kitchen before, She knows exactly what spices she wants to use to season the steaks. You have to be very careful, though how much seasoning you put on.

Here is how her mom describes the video,

Mom and daughter are preparing dinner in the kitchen. The 2-year-old was seasoning the steak and opened the wrong side of the onion powder. Next thing you know, boom all the seasoning came out! She then goes, 'Oh no, that's enough!' then when asked what we should do, she said, 'Wash it!

LOL. Watch how cute she is when she realizes what she did to the steaks.



Wash it! I love it!

[Viral Hog via Rumble]


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