Indiana is a state full of nice, quiet, and interesting small towns. Recently one town was named the state's most underrated, and it's not too far from the Evansville area.

When it comes to traveling in Indiana, we all know about the most popular hotspots. They are usually found in bigger cities like Indianapolis, Evansville, and Fort Wayne. However, you would be surprised with all of the beautiful and unique places that you could see in some of the smaller towns throughout the state.

The website Love Exploring is all about sharing various destinations throughout the country and the world. They share some of the coolest places that you can visit whenever you go out of town. Recently, they put together a list of the most underrated town in each state, and when it comes to Indiana, it might be a town that you have visited in the past.

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Most Underrated Town in Indiana

The town that was named as the most underrated in Indiana is a beautiful, small town that is great to visit any time of year but it's especially a sight to see during the fall. Love Exploring determined that Nashville, Indiana is the town that is not only most underrated, but it's also a must-visit. Here's what  Love Exploring had to say about Nashville:

No, not that Nashville. Southern Indiana's Nashville is much smaller than Tennessee's Music City, but a quirky, creative heart is something they both have in common. The town punches above its weight when it comes to treasure-filled antiques stores, live music spots and funky art galleries. There are also plenty of quaint little restaurants for pizza, Mexican food and all-American comfort food.

I have been to Nashville, Indiana a few times and for a small town, there really is a lot to see and do there. From the delicious food, numerous shops, and everything in between, there is something there for everyone in the family to enjoy. Plus it's not far from Brown County State Park, which is perfect for camping and more outdoor fun.

And like I said earlier, if you are looking for great things to see and do in the Fall, Nashville and Brown County is the place to visit. It's absolutely beautiful that time of year. Brown County has been nicknamed the “Little Smokies” because of the area’s resemblance to the Great Smoky Mountains. There, you'll find nearly 16,000 acres of rugged hills, ridges, and fog-shrouded ravines.

You should make it a point to visit Nashville this fall. Whether it's a romantic getaway or a fun little road trip with the family, you will enjoy your time in Nashville. Oh, and when you go, you should stop by my favorite place, Carmel Corn Cottage. They have various types and flavors of popcorn, caramel corn, caramels, fudge, and other candies. It's delicious!

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