I remember growing up when I was around 10 years old, we had a young deer visit us every day. She would come into the front yard and just spend some quiet moments with my family. We would gently pet her. It was magical.

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Growing up in the country, things like that happen all the time, but in a subdivision? That has to be rare. But, it recently happened in an Eastern Kentucky front yard. It appears the deer is coming to visit a furry, little friend.

According to Good Morning America,

Michael Cyrus of Georgetown, Kentucky, documented the sweet moment between his neighbor’s kitten, Bailey, and a deer that often visits his house.


Can a deer and a cat really be friends?

The website, cottagelife.com says, yes, well kinda.

In general, their friendship is likely quite harmless, but the deer has very likely lost its fear of humans along with cats, being that someone is obviously documenting the pair from a close distance. Because of this, the deer may start to frequent more high-traffic areas, posing a threat to the deer and humans.

The many deer and cat videos on YouTube say yes, too.

Why do deer lick cats?

As I was doing some research, I came across an article that said cat dander has a salty taste, so cats become like a salt-lick for a deer.

Another article said that it's a part of their natural instinct to groom in order to bond.

Licking/Grooming (all deer, all seasons): Deer will lick and groom each other around the shoulders and neck area. This is done to maintain bonds amongst deer, especially with mother and fawn.

- Iowa Sportsmen

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