"Impractical Jokers" is one of my favorite shows. The jokes these guys pull on each other are hilarious and makes me wish that I could be the 5th Joker. Well, now we can all be Jokers, kinda.

Did you know that there is an "Impractical Jokers" game that you can buy? This is the first time I had heard of it, otherwise I would have already ordered it. So if you're like me and think you have what it takes to fit in with Sal, Murr, Joe, and Q, the Impractical Jokers Ultimate Challenge Pack will put that to the test. According to the game's description, "Whether you like pulling off undercover challenges on friends or just laughing at hilariously awkward card combinations, this game has something for you."

Amazon via Wilder Toys

So how do you play? Well, the game has three phases:

Phase 1: Mess around with unsuspecting friends and family!


Phase 2: Match uncomfortable scenario cards with hysterical action cards. The goal is to make the most awkward, embarrassing (and yes, funny) pairing you can.


Phase 3: It wouldn’t be an Impractical Jokers game without a punishment. Try not to lose because the player with the fewest points at the end will get a punishment of epic proportions!

Amazon via Wilder Toys
Amazon via Wilder Toys
Amazon via Wilder Toys

The game comes with 600 game cards, and over 25 accessories (fake brochures, petitions, sound cube and more). You're going to feel like you're on the show as soon as you start playing!

Amazon via Wilder Toys

The Impractical Jokers Ultimate Challenge Pack is ideal for 3-10 people and is recommended for ages 17 and older. It's perfect for the next game night or company party! The game is available on Amazon now for $29.99. You can learn more about it, see a video of people playing the game, and purchase it through the link below.

There's also another Impractical Jokers game that you can find at Target called Impractical Jokers Box Of Challenges.

Target via Wilder Toys

It's very similar to the Impractical Jokers Ultimate Challenge Pack. The difference between the two (other than the price) is The Ultimate Challenge Pack has 200 additional new cards compared to The Box of Challenges as well as 10 more petitions and an exclusive sound cube.

If you already own the Ultimate challenge pack, you do not need to buy the Box of Challenges as the content is the same. However, if you would rather purchase the Box of Challenges you can do so for $19.99 through the link below.


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