Andrea Lende is the author of Life After Lupus. She has battled both lupus and Grave's disease and regained her health using natural methods. She journals her experience from illness to health, sharing exactly what she did to get well.

Andrea writes daily prayers and meditations and offers online Bible studies. She's written over one hundred songs, authored several books, and spoken to many about her recovery. She resides in Denver, Colorado.

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As a young person, Andrea loved flying planes and was constantly on the go. Up to this point in her life, everything seemed to be going great. After vacationing in Hawaii with her husband, on the flight home, her health began to take a nosedive. She recalls that it was hard for her to breathe on the plane, and this frightened her. She then began noticing other health symptoms that concerned her since she had been healthy all her life.

After being seen by many doctors, an allergist diagnosed her with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Her labored breathing, intestinal problems, and fatigue became overwhelming as her body continued adding additional symptoms associated with Lupus.

She is so thankful for her mother, aunt, and cousin who also had Lupus, and the three became her greatest allies. She talked with each of them every day for support. She is also grateful for the naturopathy that helped with her diet and hormone balance. It took Andrea three years to regain her health, which she did through diet and natural methods. She is most thankful to God, for her renewed health and recovery.

There is a lesson to be learned, as we trust God and seek his wisdom, he gives us direction.

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