Becki Rogers is a wife, mom, teacher, podcaster, blogger, and author of Not Quite SuperMoms of the Bible: Reflections on Less-Than-Perfect Moms. Becki is very involved with her church, where she serves on the worship team and leads a Bible study group for moms. Her next book, As Yourself: An Empathetic Command, will be released soon!

Becki grew up with Jesus. She was raised in a Christian home, and practically lived at Church. Her dad was the assistant pastor, so she spent more waking hours at church than at her own home. While working as a Camp Counselor, she began reading the Bible for herself. For the first time, even though she was raised in a Christian home, she actually wanted to know Jesus on a more personal level. She began writing out her prayers and reading the book of Psalms and Proverbs. Becki would even write God letters and trust He would show her direction and answer her prayers.

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As an adult, Becki realized that the "nest" God provided throughout her childhood, her parent's faith, would not be enough to sustain her in adulthood. Becki learned how to walk with God and build her own "nest" with Him. The journey of discovering who God is for her is a lifelong pursuit. She writes about it and speaks about it, and her and her husband are intentionally trying to raise their children to outgrow their nest and build their own.

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