You've seen truck bed pools on social media, but are they really a good idea to have?

Joe Diffie once told the world why being a "Pick Up Man" was cool. There are several reasons why having a truck comes handy. However, I don't think Ole Joe mentioned the fact that your truck bed could keep you cool this summer in more ways than one by turning it into a pool. You've seen these before. Some call them "Redneck Pools" where people will just put a tarp down in the bed of their truck and fill it up with water, but this inflatable pool looks like it would be a lot less work.

Whether you're camping, tailgating, barbequing, or just hanging out at the house, this inflatable truck bed pool will make you the life of the party. Business in the front, party in the back. This might be one of the best uses of a truck bed that I have seen. I mean think about it, who wouldn't enjoy cooling off in the bed of your truck with your friends, sipping a cold one, and splashing around? It all sounds theory.

Let's think about this: you're filling the bed of your truck up with water. A bunch of water like that weighs a lot. It's actually one of the heaviest things you can put in your truck bed. According to, the average truck bed is about 30-80 cubic feet of cargo space. One cubic foot of water weighs 62 pounds. Do the math there. That's a lot of weight in the bed of your truck without adding the weight of the people in the pool too. That much weight in the bed of your truck is terrible on it's suspension.

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You can read more about why putting a pool in the bed of your truck is a bad idea by clicking here. It sounds like a great time in theory, but it's not worth damaging your truck and paying for the repairs. If you're wanting to live dangerously and turn your truck bed into a pool, I'd suggest getting the inflatable pool above as it appears to hold less water than you would have in your truck if you just filled it up with water over a tarp. Just make sure that you know the risks.

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