The University of Southern Indiana continues to expand, and that includes a new home for the Screamin' Eagles basketball and volleyball teams. This virtual tour is amazing!

If the finished product, which USI says is coming 2018-19, is even half as beautiful as this digital rendering, it is going to be one of the premiere collegiate arenas in the state.

As a graduate of USI (1993-1999...yeah, that's six years) I gotta say that I'm just a wee bit jealous. Nothing against the PAC - the current home for basketball and vollleyball - it served me well, but this new place is gonna be bananas!

I see how things work.  A few years after graduating with a radio/TV degree, the communications department gets a whole new building and a new state of the art radio station. And now, nearly 20 years later, they're adding a state of the art sports facility. I'm just saying.

I know, I sound ridiculous...ha! I can't wait to see this place first hand and cheer on our beloved Screamin' Eagles!

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