The Belle of Louisville Riverboat has been around since 1914.  It's a National Historic Landmark on the Louisville waterfront. According to the Belle of Louisville website the Belle is the only remaining authentic steamboat from the great American packet boat era.  They host all kinds of river cruises, but this weekend has an especially fun theme!

This Saturday September 26th the Belle of Louisville is hosting Scallywag's Sunset Cruise! A pirate themed sunset cruise, where you can dress up in your best pirate gear and head off to the seven seas (or one river to be geographically accurate).  There will be drinks (probably a lot of rum if I had to guess), pirate music, and a best pirate costume contest.

All aboard Scallywags! Join our swashbuckling crew as we fly the Jolly Roger and turn the Belle of Louisville into a pirate ship! On this adults-only voyage you can indulge in complimentary Pirate Punch, jig to chantey tunes and duke it out to see has the best pirate costume. And be on the look out… You never know when a sword fight might break out! Tickets for this event are $35.99.

To keep everyone safe they will be following COVID-19 protocols with masks and restricted capacity. So if you want to go on this cruise, you'll probably want to get tickets sooner rather than later.  If you're interested in tickets, you can get them here.

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