Fans of the drive in have one last weekend to come out and catch some great movies outside on the big screen.

The Holiday Drive In announced that the last weekend to enjoy a fun night full of movies there will be THIS weekend (September 25 and 26). The six-screen drive in theater will wrap up it's season with a lot of spooky movies for everyone in the family to enjoy. Holiday Drive In is getting Tri-Staters ready for Halloween with their selection of movies this weekend. Everything from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Little Shop of Horrors, to "Hotel Transylvania" and "Casper", as well as an "Evil Dead" double feature.

Here are the films that will be playing on the final weekend of the Holiday Drive In 2020 season:

After this weekend, we will have to wait as patiently as possible for them to reopen in the Spring of 2021. Don't miss out on your last chance to go to the Holiday Drive In and devour those delicious double cheeseburgers!

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