Leave the kids at home with the babysitter so that you can have an adult-only water adventure where you float and relax in this Kentucky paradise.

There's a swimming hole in LaGrange, Kentucky that has some of the cleanest and bluest water in the area. There, you can float, paddle, snorkel, and even dive into this rock quarry. Falling Rock Park is located about two hours away from Evansville, so it's a perfect weekend road trip for you and your friends to have a blast together.

What is FRP LaGrange Quarry?

According to their website:

Discover our unique Bluegrass oasis nestled amidst the lush hills of Oldham County, KY. Soak up nature’s majesty while floating on a pristine, spring-fed body of water as your worries and cares wash away. Enjoy adventure opportunities such as exploring the water depth with a snorkel, or gliding across the smooth and spacious lake on a paddleboard (available for rent), paddleboat (available for rent), kayak or canoe. The sand volleyball court and strolling among our beaches and island will keep you active, and the clean & clear blue waters will keep you cool! A visit to FRP will provide a day of relaxation, renewal, and memories to last a lifetime!
Yelp User Kathy V.
Yelp User Kathy V.

One of the most interesting things about Falling Rock Park is that the quarry water is filled up with nothing but rainwater. No ground runoff dumps into the quarry, the water is free of chemicals, and motorized water sports are prohibited. This means that the water is clear, clean, natural, and absolutely beautiful!

This Whole Place Is Kid Free

That's right, this is an adult-only waterpark. Why? Their website says that because the quarry is 55+ feet deep with limited shallow areas, and the fact that there are no lifeguards on duty, everyone must be 18 or older. Now before you get too excited about having a kid-free trip to a place like this, I do have to make mention of one thing. If you're thinking that you're just going to float around all day while sipping on an adult beverage, think again. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises. That doesn't mean you still can't have some adult-only fun though!

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Falling Rock Park
Falling Rock Park

Be sure to check out all of the rules and regulations before you visit. You can do that,  and see everything Falling Rock Park has to offer at their website here.

Falling Rock Park- La Grange, Kentucky

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