I can't believe that I haven't thought about this before!

Whenever you go on a cleaning spree in your house, you dust, vacuum, and clean everything, right? Chances are, you're like me and there is always one thing that you never think to clean off until you're laying in bed one night and notice how dusty and nasty the blades of your ceiling fan are. They can get pretty nasty! It's not something that most people really stop to think about cleaning every time they tidy up around the house.

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Let's be honest, cleaning your ceiling fan can get pretty messy. You wipe each blade off individually and then look down only to find that room is covered in dust. That's just one more mess that you have to clean up. However, I was today years old when I discovered an easier, and mess-free way to clean off the blades of your ceiling fan. If you don't already know about this hack, prepaid to be mind blown.

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How To Clean Your Ceiling Fan Blades Mess-Free

Dust collected along the front edge of the fan blade on ceiling
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Since you're on a cleaning spree already, you might be doing some laundry. Take that dirty pillow case off of your pillow because you're going to want to use it for this ceiling fan cleaning hack. According to Home Depot:

<p><em>This handy trick will keep dust and dirt from flying all over the place. All the dust stays in the pillowcase, which makes cleanup a breeze. It is also convenient for cleaning oversized fan blades like fan-shaped blades. </em></p><ul><li><em>Slowly insert a pillowcase over the ceiling fan blades, one at a time. </em></li><li><em>Use the pillowcase to wipe the dust off the sides, top and bottom of the fan blade. Pull the pillowcase away so that any dust will be wiped directly into the pillowcase. </em></li><li><em>Once you’ve wiped each fan blade, take the pillowcase outdoors, turn it inside out and shake it. Then wash it in the laundry. </em></li><li><em>Fan blades with heavy buildup need more attention. Wipe the fan blades and base with a mild cleaner and a cloth. You can also use a 50/50 white vinegar and water mix.  </em></li></ul>

There you have it! This will be the ONLY way that I clean off my ceiling fan blades from now on!

Speaking of ceiling fans: Did you know there's a switch attached to the base of your ceiling fan? This switches your fan from a "warm air" setting to a "cool air" setting. You can find out how and when to use it by clicking here.

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