When it comes to technology or even everyday appliances, t does not take much to amaze me. I've stated many times that everything from coffee makers, to refrigerators, to window air conditioners, blows my mind.

What Is This?

If anybody had been in the bathroom at the newly re-decorated Hucks, in Newburgh, when I discovered the bathroom faucet, they would have witnessed my utter awe and wonder. I immediately got my phone out to take a photo and video. Which, I'm pretty sure is frowned upon in public restrooms. But, there I was, anyway.

All New

The redesigned, rebranded, and redecorated Hucks, in Newburgh, had its grand opening back in early September.

I often stop there, on my way back to Owensboro to get gas and snacks, but I guess I had never made a bathroom pit stop.


Let me tell you, it had to do a double-take. I'm sure I had a look on my face similar to the first person to view indoor plumbing, video games for space for the first time.

Take A look

Why Didn't I Think Of This?

It's the Washbar. Bradley Corporation makes both commercial and a home version of this amazing hand washing system. According to workdesign.com,

A major theme across workplace design articles is the importance of health and wellness in the work environment. Little discussed, but of prime importance is how the washrooms in workplaces are designed and provisioned. Underlying this issue is the importance of health considerations when planning for these critical spaces. <a href="https://www.bradleycorp.com/">Bradley Corporation</a>, a major manufacturer of fixtures has introduced the WashBar, which helps promote better hygiene. Current events tell us that that handwashing is one of the most important elements in preventing the spread of viruses.

Great Benefits 

  • 12-15 second dry time,
  • 96 percent less expensive than paper towels,
  • No soap tank to clean or worry about being contaminated.
  • Low-level LED indicator for soap.
From the inventor of all-in-one sink systems comes the WashBar. Providing a completely touchless handwashing experience, the WashBar houses soap, water, and dryer in one intuitive and attractive unit. Thoughtfully designed to streamline the handwashing process, this product transforms the washroom into a modern wash space free of clutter.

Perfect, especially now, when cleanliness is more important than ever. Kudos to Hucks.


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