I will admit this is a weird sight in the skies of rural Missouri, but I think I know what's going on. A guy captured video of either a UFO or maybe a military drone.

Stephen Burkholder shared this video a few days ago. It's just weird enough that I thought it was worth featuring here to see if we can get a consensus. Here's how Stephen described it:

I was driving truck making deliveries through the interior of Missouri when the sky darkened and a short lighting and rainstorm followed. After the freak lighting storm was a UFO, it silently flew right over my truck. It took me a moment to get my camera but I am sure glad I did. UFO or Military drone?

See what you think of this object. It does appear to have features like a drone, but not commercial over-the-counter ones I've seen before. I think this one has farm ties. See for yourself.

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Once I started doing research into military drones, I started doubting my original assessment. The pic on Wikipedia shows most feature wings and not 4 different rotors.

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Since this is rural Missouri, I have to wonder if a farmer is having fields scanned and/or surveyed. If you look closely, it sure looks like an agricultural drone to me.

I don't blame this guy for thinking he's watching E.T. follow him down the road, but this object looks a bit too conventional. I just can't be sure which is why you see it here.

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