Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal or are you one of those who write these things off as a bunch of bologna?

Did you know that we have real-life paranormal investigators right here in Southern Indiana? It's true. Started by two old friends more than a decade ago, they travel to investigate haunted places.

I was both surprised and excited to meet Nathan Beesley who introduced me to Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society - an organization that he, along with his friend Erik McCandless founded in 2009.

The two are old friends dating back to their days at Boonville High School and were even in theater together. The two founded Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society in 2009 after they began investigating local, haunted cemeteries.

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Using a number of high-end gadgets and gear, the team travels to haunted locations not just across the Tri-state but across the country. They have investigated haunted locals in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, West Virginia and Alabama - just to name a few. Nathan tells us,

Erik McCandless and I both grew up having paranormal experiences. We attended Boonville High School together and were also fellow theater kids. We started going to local haunted cemeteries early in 2009 and later that year founded the Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society. Our goal was to help people who had similar experiences to ours growing up. We also wanted to scientifically prove that what we experienced was real. We are both pretty skeptical, but we do believe in the paranormal.

Keep scrolling to get better acquainted with the Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society and see some of the haunted places they have traveled to across the country. From murder houses to insane asylums there is no shortage of hauntings and urban legends that Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society has investigated.

Meet the Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society

Meet the two men responsible for the Warrick Indiana Paranormal Society and see some of their favorite paranormal locations.

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