Senior photos are a rite of passage, correct?  I remember when I was wrapping up my high school career at Daviess County High School, all of my classmates were having their official senior photos taken.  I never did.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's because I couldn't think of a good reason to pose on a tree stump or by a shrub or holding my Trapper Keeper.  LOL!  No, I was perfectly content settling for the photos they just took at school.  And I got two really good photos out of that shoot.  I got one where I was smiling and another where I looked seriously, mysteriously past the camera and sucked in my cheekbones.  I told my friends that was my "sex god" pose.  When it came time to exchange photos with my friends, I asked them, "Chad or sex god?"  Yes, that was, hilariously, my photo pitch.

Well, senior pictures just took it up a couple of notches.  Brooke Keller, who's a senior at Owensboro High School, just shared some of her senior photos and they're absolutely brilliant and REALLY creepy.

Samantha Tooley, who owns Tooley Photography here in town, has a "senior team."  That team gets to do senior photos throughout the year in a variety of concept shoots.  They get to do shoots for Christmas, traditional photos with their caps and gowns, a "paint war" shoot and, of course, a Halloween spread.

Brooke absolutely careered the latter!  For Halloween. she chose to do a photo shoot inspired by Stephen King's IT.  Take a look!  She and Samantha recreated some of the film's most iconic images.

Kentucky High School Student's Stephen King-Inspired Senior Photos

When it was time for Brooke Keller to pose for her senior pictures, she decided to think way outside the box. So, with the help of Samantha Tooley from Tooley Photography, they staged a photo shoot inspired by Stephen King's classic horror film IT.
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As Samantha says, "These are so fun! I love the traditional senior pictures but these concept shoots really make their senior years unique!"  There's no doubt about it.

Brooke, by the way, is a member of the National Honor Society and plays for the Owensboro High School softball team.

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