This is such a good idea. In Indianapolis, Riley's Hospital for Children is now offering a new service for parents of newborns spending time in the NICU. And, it's all thanks to the efforts of one mom.

Sarah Pulley, who owns a salon in Carmel, IN, is no stranger to the stress of having a child who, at one point, was dealing with serious health concerns. According to, four years ago, Sarah's daughter was born premature and spent the next four months in the neonatal intensive care unit. Otherwise known as the NICU.

One of the hospitals they spent time at was Riley's Hospital for Children which, according to their website, is one of the nation's best children's hospitals.

Recently, Riley's Hospital for Children announced that they were hoping to open a salon of sorts in-house to provide some sort of relaxation for parents whose children were currently in the NICU. When Sarah Pulley heard this, she volunteered to lead the initiative.

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Donating a chair from her salon, Three Seventeen Hair Design, she volunteered her styling skills and even convinced a distributor to donate hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, and so on.

Now, in this new space, parents can enjoy a HydroMassage chair, a napping pod, snacks, and a bit of pampering from Sarah at no charge. In her interview with, she explained why this is so important. She said,

You completely lose all sense of yourself when you have a baby in the NICU. My first mom completely relaxed in the chair; she just closed her eyes and breathed. My second was completely exhausted. There’s something about the connection between moms and the power of touch.

Sarah offers her services on the second Wednesday of each month. Her main message to parents going through the same thing she went through four years ago is've got this.

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